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Impact of ICT on Society: Lower Communication Cost

One thing good about the advancement of technology is the birth of Internet. Internet offer not just faster communication but it is relatively cheap than other modes of communication. Before in the past, we use telephone and mailing to communicate with others and it cost a lot. When the internet became a worldwide phenomenon people mainly use it not just because of the things it offer but also because it cost lower than others.

Internet also allows access to large amount of data at a very low cost. Internet is indeed cheap than other modes of communication but the data you can get from internet is high class. Lower communication cost is really helpful for people who cannot afford expensive modes of communication. It is clearly for everyone.  Internet is not limited to those who have money to communicate with others but also for those people who are less fortunate.

Technological advancement is indeed a helpful tool for everyone with its modernization and low cost everyone can now access information.


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