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Korean drama is being popular nowadays, a lot of people watch Korean drama regularly. People in different nation are being hook in Korean drama.

Korean drama is being popular because of the freshness of every story. It has different genres that people can choose to watch. They can watch dramas about medical, sports, action and of course romance. Another factor that make people fall in-love with Korean drama are the actors that portrays their favorite characters. Korean actors and actresses are really good in portraying their character and giving justice to the story of the drama.

In Korean drama, every episode you learn something and most of the dramas are really happening in real life. People can easily relates to dramas that is why Korean drama is being popular and patronize by many.

Here are some of my favorite Korean Drama:

  1. Who are you: School 2015
  2. School 2013
  3. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
  4. Descendants of the Sun
  5. Cheese in the Trap
  6. W! Two Worlds
  7. Boys Over Flower
  8. The Heirs
  9. Let’s fight ghost!
  10. Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo




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