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All About K-POP!!

K-pop is an abbreviation of Korean Pop music that originated in South Korea. K-pop is characterized with wide variety of audiovisual elements. It covers different style of music, dance-pop, r&b, hip-hop, rock and even classical.

K-pop music is really popular nowadays, it is already known worldwide. Even non-Korean people are hook in this type of music. With its catchy beats, awesome choreography and uniqueness, everyone start to love K-pop Music. K-pop is not only known about its music but also with the unique fashion sense.

Here are some facts about K-pop music.

  1. Idol group members are train for years before debut. The entertainment company train them to sing, dance, modeling and even acting. Other k-pop idols train for a very long time, some are train for 10 years.
  2. In k-pop, fandom name and light stick are given by the company. The company will decide what is the name of the fandom of a certain group and what color and style of their official light stick.
  3.  K-pop groups are divided into leader, main vocal and dancer, lead vocal and dancer, rapper and even visual or face of the group.
  4. K-pop idols also write song for their album.
  5. Every year-end award there is an award called “Daesang”. Daesang is the biggest award you can get, if an idol group get a daesang it means the music they are producing is good and they have a lot of fans.

Here are some horrifying facts about K-pop music.

  1. Sasaeng Fans- Sasaeng fans are overly obsessed people that take their idolization into dangerous acts. This fans do things that are beyond imagination, like, trespassing into the idol’s dorm, hurting physically an idol member, giving menstruation as a gift, calling idol group numbers every second and many more.
  2. Plastic Surgery- Visual is a very important part of being a k-pop idol. Some k-pop idols choose to undergone plastic surgery so people won’t bashed them because of their looks.
  3. Diet- K-pop idols are so into dieting even their agency ask them for over-dieting. Some members of a group only eats once a day even though they have a lot of schedule.

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