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“School Themed Korean-Drama”

School themed drama are popular in Korea. Life of high school students and their experiences in school are being showed in this type of drama.

With the growing popularity of Korean Drama, here are some of the school themed drama I’ve watch.

1.Who are you: School 2015

fangirl1    – This drama is set in a prestigious high school in Gangnam, Seoul South Korea. The lead character, Eun Byul goes missing in their school trip. She returns after sometime but she lost all her memories. Eun Byul tries to discover the truth.

P.S.  – Get ready to have second lead syndrome and get ready for all the ‘kilig’ moments.

 2. School 2013

4171_nowplay_small        – School 2013 is about the friendship of the two male lead character and their school life. It shows a lot about school issues and the students life.

P.S. – Be ready for some ‘Bromance’


3. High School Love On


– This drama is a fantasy romance about an angel who turn into a human. The mortal angel experience high school life and learn about love and friendship.

P.S. – Get ready for some cute action by Kim Sae Ron and also be ready to fall in love with two Infinite members. You might find yourself as a ‘Inspirit’.

4. Sassy Go! Go!_wp_content_uploads_sassy_go_go_poster_527_225x300

– Sassy Go! Go! or Cheer Up depicts the life of the students who only care about academics and those students who love dancing. It also shows the importance of friendship to everyone.


P.S. – Get ready for a megawatt smile by Lee Won Keun.




51irz64tvtl-_sy445_5. The Heirs

– This drama is a typical love story between the poor and the rich. It also shows the life of the inheritors that at the young age is being educated about their businesses. It also talk about the struggle of high school student.


P.S. – Who did not love Lee Min Ho? Be ready for many ‘kilig’ moments of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.



Here are my recommendations of School Themed Korean Drama that you will surely love.

Hope you like it!!






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